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Katana Saya Whetstone Shapening Kit (Medium 1000/ Super Fine 9000)

Katana Saya Whetstone Shapening Kit (Medium 1000/ Super Fine 9000)


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  • Katana Saya Medium/Superfine 1000/9000 Grit Sharpening Kit
  • Medium/Superfine Combination Whetstone
  • Levelling Stone
  • Katana Saya Towel
  • Hard case/ sharpening stand

Choose a suitable side of the stone based on the knife's condition and bluntness. The higher the grit number, the finer the finish.

1000 Grit for routine sharpening on a regular basis.

9000 Grit for the final touch to produce a razor-sharp polished blade edge.

Use the small flattening stone periodically, to level your whetstone, by rubbing it back and forth along its surface, and adding some water.

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Combination Whetstone (1000/9000 Grit)
Levelling Stone
Katana Saya Towel
Case/ Sharpening Stand



Please follow the included instructions for correct use. A copy of the instructions can also be found here. Store in a safe place out of reach of children.

  • Combination Stones

    A selection of 2-in-1 combination whetstones that offer different grit surfaces. This allows you to treat your knife successfully depending on its level of bluntness.

  • Levelling Stone

    This kit includes a levelling stone which is used to maintain your whetstone’s smooth, flat surface. This will achieve an even sharper knife edge and finish.

  • Protective Carry Case/ Stand

    Sturdy carry case for easy and safe transportation. The case also doubles up as a whetstone stand that holds the whetstone in place for more control and safety.