To sharpen the Katana Saya Kitchen knives, we offer a selection of double-sided whetstones. This is the traditional way the Japanese choose to sharpen their knives as they feel it is more effective than using sharpening steels, or ceramic or diamond coated sharpening rods. A whetstone will hone and keep your knives in tip top condition. In that tradition, we at Katana Saya would like to recommend our specially designed sharpening kits, containing double-sided whetstones and other accessories in order to help you keep your chosen kitchen knives in the best of condition, at all times. Browse our various options below.

  • Combination Stones

    A selection of 2-in-1 combination whetstones that offer different grit surfaces. This allows you to treat your knife successfully depending on its level of bluntness.

  • Levelling Stone

    This kit includes a levelling stone which is used to maintain your whetstone’s smooth, flat surface. This will achieve an even sharper knife edge and finish.

  • Protective Carry Case/ Stand

    Sturdy carry case for easy and safe transportation. The case also doubles up as a whetstone stand that holds the whetstone in place for more control and safety.