Katana Saya is the universal knife brand of our times. The scope of the Katana Saya range is to blend culinary traditions from both Europe and Japan. We offer an extensive range of individual knives representing classic styles from both cultures. The Katana was the prized sword of the Samurai with its extra sharp blade fashioned from folded Damascus Steel. The blades of our knives are similarly crafted from Japanese VG-10 Damascus Steel. Additionally, the Katana was always protected inside a Sheath or Saya. Therefore, all the Japanese style knives are presented with the traditional Wooden Saya and all the Western blades are protected by a real leather sheath. Browse our full range of beautiful Japanese steel kitchen knives that offer superb cutting performance.


    Each Katana Saya Knife blade has 67 layers of VG-10 Damascus steel. VG-10 blends the durability of carbon steel with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and is one of the most premium steels in Japanese culinary products. It is exceptionally tough and also delivers one of the best edge retentions in the market. The exquisite craftsmanship of these knives can be seen in the elegant layered pattern on the blades.


    Each knife in the Katana Saya range features a classic and comfortable chestnut shaped handle with stunning opal effect ring. Many of the handles are completely unique. With designs as simple as classic pakkawood or as intricate as the beautiful abalone shell. There is a style and colour to fit all tastes and kitchen designs.


    Eastern range knives are paired with a quality wooden saya and the Western knives are presented with real leather sheaths. Both offer the perfect protection for your Katana Saya kitchen knives.


    Each individual knife or knife set in the Katana Saya range is presented in an elegant wooden gift box, offering an added touch of luxury to these already exquisite knives. They also offer added security and protection for you knife or make them the ideal gift for those in our lives who love to cook.



Lightweight and soft in the hand, the beautiful Katana Saya Olivewood Knives offer a more natural look. This is elegantly balanced against the pattern of the steel.

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The deep black finish of the Katana Saya Pakkawood handles strike the perfect balance between opulence and hard-wearing durability.

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Inspired by nature itself, the delightful Katana Saya Elements knives offer three stunning colour tones, Ocean, Volcanic and Rainforest. Plus £1 from every sale goes to Friends of the Earth Charity.

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Our Katana Saya Pearl range introduces a spectacular iridescent effect inspired by abalone shells into the elegantly beautiful and pearly handles.

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Designed to celebrate The Year of the Tiger and this incredible animal. The vibrant handles of the Katana Saya Tiger Knives are sure to make an eye-catching statement in any kitchen.

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Offered in two hardness combinations, Rough/Medium 240/1000 or Medium/Superfine 1000/9000 all of your sharpening needs wil be met with these high quality whetstones.

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