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Katana Saya Flame 9cm Paring Knife Olive Wood

Katana Saya Flame 9cm Paring Knife Olive Wood

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  • Katana Saya Flame Knives
  • VG-10 core steel with Damascus Cladding, HRC 60+ for ultimate strength
  • Includes wooden gift box
  • Comes with wooden 'Saya'
  • Eye-catching Olive Wood handles
  • Supremely sharp Japanese steel blade

A masterpiece from Katana Saya. Building upon our expertise in making traditional VG-10 Damascus steel blades, ‘Flame’ embodies a new level of quality and opulence.

Rainbow Damascus steel is a captivating variation of traditional Damascus steel, defined by its swirling patterns and multicoloured finish. Developed from traditional techniques often reserved for the most esteemed Japanese bladesmiths, our blades come alive with a mesmeric display of copper and brass folded through the steel, creating a shimmering ripple reminiscent of flickering flames and burning embers.

Beyond its visual allure, Rainbow Damascus Steel possesses exceptional performance. The VG-10 Steel core possesses supreme strength and durability expected from Katana Saya. Razor sharp edges are sharpened to a 15° angle, attaining a Rockwell Hardness of 60-61 - A rating that stands up against any professional knife. The blades are forged using time-honoured techniques, layering and folding copper and brass between the steel. The result is a knife of unparalleled craftsmanship, remarkable sharpness, excellent edge retention, and resistance to corrosion.

The natural Olive wood handles unite the warm tones prevailing through the veins of the steel with an octagonal shape which draws from the traditional handles fitted to bespoke knives from esteemed Japanese bladesmiths. The lightweight but durable shape has become a common favourite amongst professional chefs. Indulge in the beauty and mastery of rainbow Damascus steel—a fusion of art and utility that elevates your culinary journey to new heights.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship, unrivalled performance, and sheer elegance that define our Katana Saya Flame. Like the rest of the Katana Saya Range, the Flame collection is presented in a beautiful gift box. True to the Katana Saya brand, the Flame collection is supplied with a wooden saya to help protect the blade when transporting knives and when storing safely. Flame boasts a luxurious dark brown Saya to match the handle.

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Katana Saya Flame 9cm Paring Knife Olive Wood

Wooden Gift Box


Blade: VG-10 Damascus Steel

Handle: Acrylic with abalone shell patten

Sheath: Dark Coloured Ash Wood

Care Information

Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe. We recommend you reguarly sharpen your knife with a high quality diamond sharpener or (even better) whetstone to help maintain the knife's sharp edge. Store in a safe place out of reach of children.

  • 67 Layer VG-10 Damascus Steel Blade

    67 Layers of the highest quality steel with a high carbon content brings an exceptional toughness. VG-10 blends the durability of carbon steel with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

  • Elegant Abalone Shell Handles

    Both elegant and eye-catching, the handles in the Katana Pearl series evoke the mysterious beauty of marine life. The handles are inspired by the iridescent effect found inside abalone shells. A beauty that only the natural could conjure.

  • Protective Sheath

    Each single knife is supplied with either a traditional wooden saya to complement our eastern inspired knives or a luxurious leather sheath with our western knives for additional safety and protection.